Safety Representative Course – Verneombudskurs på engelsk

The course provides the necessary knowledge that you need as a safety representative and within the HSE-requirements (Health, Safety and Environment).

These topics among others will be reviewed:
• Basic knowledge of the Working Environment Act
• Duties of employer, employees and safety representatives
• Requirements regarding the working environment
• Roles and responsibilities
• Systematic health, environment and safety work
• Working environment cooperation

Target group:
Safety representatives, members of working environment committees and others involved in HSE work.

Knowledge requirements:

Practical information:
The duration of the course are 3 days, from 09.00-16.00 the first day and from 08.00 – 16.00 the following days. Trygg Kurs AS provides all necessary equipment for the completion of the course.

The price includes course material, lunch and issue of certificate of competence.

Internal course:
The training can be arranged within your company as an internal course. With such an arrangement we ca adapt to your needs when it comes to the content and duration of the training.

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